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Pragmatic Hand Evaluation (PHE) with Consultation (according to Ch. Wagner)

The higher the requirements to be met on an instrument, the more urgent it becomes to realistically evaluate the manual preconditions: This is in favour of an appropriately chosen repertoire, a playing and practicing technique adapted to the individual and to prevent overuse symptoms.

The Pragmatic Hand Evaluation (PHE) covers 25 hand characteristics. With the help of the instruction in Hand und Instrument, pp. 263-270, the evaluation can in principle be done independently. The comparison with the musicians’ reference group however is only realistic if the measurements are being done absolutely precisely . In a second step it becomes relevant to understand the connections between the results of the PHE, the feeling of playing and the practicing habits.

Musicians, who are interested in booking a Pragmatic Hand Evaluation including a consultation with the instrument, are welcome to contact us anytime.


Ulrike Wohlwender

Prof. Ulrike Wohlwender, Stuttgart
Music pedagogue graduated in piano and elementary music pedagogy, postgraduate artistic studies in piano. Professor for piano pedagogy at the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart. 1984-2010 teacher for piano and head of piano department of the Lampertheim Music School. 1997-2010 Faculty member of the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Mannheim as a teacher for methodology of piano teaching.  Since 1996 member of the Saarbrücken Circle for methodology of piano teaching.
Seminars at music schools and music colleges, lectures at congresses of the Verband Deutscher Musikschulen (VdM), EPTA and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Musikermedizin (DGfMM).  (Co-)author of publications on piano pedagogy: www.1-2-3-klavier.de.
Since 1999 cooperation with Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Wagner and collaboration in writing Hand und Instrument. Joint lecturing and seminar activity in the domain of music physiology. Collaboration with the Zürcher Zentrum Musikerhand (ZZM).


Selected publications in the field of music physiology:

„… seit 3 Jahren einschlafende Finger auf der Bühne“ − Overuse-Syndrom eines Pianisten im Spiegel der Individualität seiner Hand;
in: Kruse-Weber/Borovnjak (Hg.): Gesund und motiviert musizieren − Ein Leben lang. Musikergesundheit zwischen Traum und Wirklichkeit, Mainz 2015, S. 67-76

Erinnerung an Christoph Wagner - Lebensweg, Lebenswerk und Forschungskonzept  pdf
in: EPTA-Dokumentation 2013/14, Aller Anfang ist ..., Düsseldorf 2015, S. 7-20

Die Individualität der Musikerhand. Grenzbereiche (in) der Wahrnehmung pdf
in: Knickenberg, R.J. (Hg.): Der Musiker und sein Körper. Ein Resonanzraum für Wahrnehmung, Sinnlichkeit und Erleben, Dokumentation der 6. Tagung zur Musikermedizin, Bad Neustadt 2014, S. 98-111

Was heißt hier "kleine Hand"? - Spannweiten und andere Handeigenschaften realistisch einschätzen pdf
in Üben & Musizieren 2/2009, S. 30-35

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Horst Hildebrandt
Prof. Dr. med. Horst Hildebrandt, Zürich
see ZZM

Tel.: 0041 (0)43 446 51 20


Oliver Margulies
Oliver Margulies, Zürich
see ZZM

mobil: 0041 (0)78 815 05 94


Verena Liechti Gamper
Verena Liechti Gamper, Zürich
Diplomas in school music education and piano, Masters degree in cembalo with voice and flute/flauto traverso as electives at the Zurich Music College.
Masterclasses with cembalo (Alan Curtis, Johann Sonnleitner etc.). Courses and seminaries in the domain of body/voice (Coblenzer/Vienna: Phonation adapted to respiration; Pikes/London: The whole voice; Sokolov/New York: Voice and Body).
MAS of Music Physiology with Prof. Dr. Horst Hildebrandt and Marina Sommacal at the Zurich University of the Arts.
Many years of professional activity as a teacher for elementary music education, children’s choir, cembalo at different music schools in Zurich, private cembalo tuition, director of the Adliswil-Langnau music school from 1985-2004. Performance activity as a cembalo player with the “Neues Glarner Musikkollegium” and other formations. Teacher of courses in music physiology in educational settings and individual counselling for the continuing education department of the Zurich Music School Association (VZM) und the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).
Publications: Gesund an der Musikschule  (MusiklehrerInnenverband MuV, Info Nr. 50, 2008)

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